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Roku Guru

Exporting from Excel

Does anyone export their json file from Excel or Google Sheets?  I wrote my original site by hand coding, but I kept a file of the videos just for a "database" (a very basic one at least).  Adding to it, and thinking there's gotta be a way to successfully perform it. I've found how to export sheets to json, but I can't seem to figure out how to keep child/parent columns for something like the content & videos in the below example

"content": {
            "dateAdded": "2015-08-13T14:14:54.431Z",
            "captions": [],
            "duration": 63,
            "adBreaks": ["00:00:00", "00:01:03"],
            "videos": [{
                "url": "",
                "quality": "HD",
                "videoType": "MP4"

*** Nevermind everyone, it's beyond the scope of support here.  If I do get it I'll post back.
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Roku Guru

Re: Exporting from Excel

FWIW this method is what I followed to export to json. Just couldn't figure out child statements (Although I'm thinking with careful find/replace maybe I could insert them):[youtube:10da26n0]HnFwl-8aTmQ[/youtube:10da26n0]
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Roku Guru

Re: Exporting from Excel

I wrote a script that gets everything from an access database in classic asp.. lol.. yeah I'm old...
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