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Binge Watcher

Direct Publisher (JSON) Feed file

'm using the Roku Json Feed File ( to edit and build my New Channel. 

Can anyone give me a step-by-step Response on how I complete this solution along with how to rename the URL so it could pass validation for Roku Feed Format?  Anything I'm issinghere is greatly appreciated in your response as well.



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Roku Guru

Re: Direct Publisher (JSON) Feed file

I think there's been posts that the sample file is outdated and has glitches. So, if you're getting errors back from Roku about it that may be while.


Otherwise, if you're asking how to customize it to your own channel, just take out the current names, urls etc and swap in your own. Be very careful of the comma's, as they signal more related info is coming, whereas no comma means hard stop on that topic. Sorry if that doesn't answer your question, the post was a bit vague.

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Channel Surfer

Re: Direct Publisher (JSON) Feed file

If you tell me where you host your videos, then I might recommend you a solution.

E.g. do you have your videos on Vimeo or a CDN or your own server?

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