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Channel Store and Thumbnail Images WRONG!

This is EXTREMELY frustrating.

Two problems. Both image related.

My channel is published and my stream looks great. However, when I created the channel I used a channel store image that I later decided I didn't like once I saw it on the test Roku device. So I changed it through MANAGE MY CHANNELS. Or so I thought. Been 24 hours, but still the original image, not the new one, is showing in the channel store.

Then, inside my channel, is an thumbnail image that you click to view the live stream. That image is also showing wrong in the Roku device. The image is specified in my JSON file and is housed on my web server. I click the PREVIEW button in MANAGE MY CHANNELS and it looks perfect. But then I go to the actual Roku device and it's wrong.

It's been over 24 hours since I made the change.

What the heck gives???
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Roku Guru

Re: Channel Store and Thumbnail Images WRONG!

Probably a cache-ing issue, where Roku or something somewhere 'remembers' the last image. If you search this section for 'cache' you'll likely find some posts with similar issues.

For starters, I would try renaming the images/thumbnails to things like "Thumbnail2"  "MoviePosterThumb2" etc so that the image has a new name (ie. Not just keeping the previous name but putting a new image up on the server host). Secondly make sure to do the same to the json file, don't just change the feed, change the title to so it's or something. Again, cache.

Things like that. Also I think somewhere in the Roku settings (System > Settings or Settings > System etc) is an Update Channels option, kinda forces your device to re-grab all channel feeds & images etc. I think that's worked for people in the past. Granted you don't want all your customers to have to do that, but it'll at least help narrow down what & if you can do at this point. Again I would try the above renaming as well.
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