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Category list using SDK

Hello All,

I saw an option like below to create a category section/row, but I assume its only for DirectPub. I am trying to implement it using SDK. Does anyone have sample code / reference for implementing 'Category' list using SDK?

   "categories": [
           "name": "Category1",
           "query": "catg1",
           "order": "most_recent"
           "name": "Category2",
           "query": "catg2",
           "order": "most_recent"

tag element:
  "tags": [

Any help/guidance would be thankful.
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Roku Guru

Re: Category list using SDK

You'll probably be better off posting this in the SDK section. Most of us here tend to stay solely with DP & not know much coding. There's a few, not sure how frequently they check back.
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