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Re: Category Item Sorting

Welp I just published another channel and the sorting is working properly. And then I simply clicked to update the existing json file in an old channel where it did not work before and now it is working..

My channels are tv series, but I can't get the series json file to work, so I have them all listed as movies.. in the titles each one starts out with s01e01... I noticed in a few places I mistyped it as s01e1.. So they are sorting as:

Instead of e01 e02 etc etc...

I have no playlists, I use the season number as a category name, the channel name is the show name:

For instance TVByDemand - Bonanza is the channel name
categories are season 01, season 02 etc to season 14 (which works out perfectly since dp is limited to 15 categories..)
then each video is an episode (which also works out because I believe they are limited to 50 per category and bonanza has as many as 37 episodes per season)

I'm just making a new channel for each substantial tv show... Got Beverly Hillbillies, Bonanza, The adventures of Ozzie and Harriet so far now working on videos for Alfred Hitchcock presents.

I will have about 30 vintage channels soon, lol..
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