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video position automatically rolls back after seek is set

Hello, I am writing a custom video player using "Video" node and I am running into a weird issue.

So I am capturing the fastforward/rewind key and moving the position of the video when those keys are pressed. But every time I set to a certain number, say 20. After the video is resumed, I found out that video.position is rollbacked automatically to like 19. I also have a timer to show the current time. So my timer will be like 20, 19, 20, 21, etc. I don't know why this auto rollback is happening and I can't google anything userful. So I am here hoping I could get some help. Thank you!

I also tried to set seek to a float like this = cdbl(20) 
but it didn't help.
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Re: video position automatically rolls back after seek is se

What format is your video? With HLS (and possibly SmoothStreaming and DASH), the Roku will only resume at a segment boundary, so you can't seek into a segment. In your example, if the segment starts at 19 seconds and is 10 seconds long, if you seek to anything between 19 and 29 seconds, it will resume at 19.
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Re: video position automatically rolls back after seek is se

Thank you! I see your point. Our video is in mp4 format. But sounds like that is the reason.
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