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secret menu help

As i have no access to dev mode on my uk based 4200sk I can access every other secret menu 

the one im interested in is Home x 5 FF x 3 RW x 2

This has a lot of infor factory reset, cycle channel store server,cycle software update server, update software, set getchannelcred side-load ID and cancel

Can anyone explain what these actually do?  

the store server i have at the moment is api.roku.som, this seems a locked down limited one from Sky UK

others are,, api,,,

Also interested in what cycke software update server does?

and finally St GetChannelCred side-load ID, this takes me to a menu that i enter a channel ID, is this a way of adding from roku store via code?  If so how do i achieve this?

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Re: secret menu help

The purpose of these is to allow for maintenance/support people to do "things" with the device, they are not targeted at end-users. Might sound surprising but most all electronic devices have such "secret combos". Right now i am thinking of examples i have seen with TVs and HP ink-jet printers. In the printer's case it was more than the "press and hold these two keys to get demo page printed" - there was e.g. combo to make it accept cartridges that were being rejected for having failing ink cartridge chip timestamp check (an example of counter ink-refill measure).

So anyway, my point is if indeed dev.mode access has been disabled on purpose - as news said - there won't be way to go around that from other secret screens. And to download different firmware than the general population, that "honor" has to be specifically bestowed upon your device S/N by someone at the (Sky?) Co side, it's not as easy as switching servers on your side.
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Re: secret menu help

For development you'll want to get your own device, rather than getting it from an ISP or third party service.
It is disturbing to me, however, that if Sky can disable dev mode and kill any sideloaded apps, Roku could do that too if they ever wanted developers to be removed.
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Re: secret menu help

They're moving in that direction. They've already implemented a check such that if your Roku can't phone home, you can't sideload.

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Re: secret menu help

"renojim" wrote:
They're moving in that direction.  They've already implemented a check such that if your Roku can't phone home, you can't sideload.


And they've abandoned this board. Who does that?
My feeling has always been that what they care about is sheer numbers of channels, and now they are making it possible for "anyone" to build them. Seems inevitable to me.
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