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Re: roWebKit?

I somehow missed this great thread that started a couple of years ago: viewtopic.php?f=28&t=74235&p=456721

...which makes some of the points I made here, and shows why it would be a good idea to ADD webkit capabilities to Roku besides the existing BrightScript standard components and SceneGraph
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Re: roWebKitScreen?

@bmn, you seem to have missed my note earlier:
i just opened in incognito Chrome tab and w/o clicking anything, that ate 130MB.
roWebKit? ... ro_i_dont_think_so!

Fact is, all * web sites (spare are memory hogs - load slow, do not animate well, sometimes miss things, other times the tab may bomb. Why is that, how would you explain it?

I can think of 2 reasons off-hand - either (a) the Co has bad web developers or (b) developers are good but javascript UI is a disaster. Which one do you think is the case? (either choice will make good further argument against providing a pret-a-porter web browser component in Roku streamers)
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