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60 fps audio video sync problem.


I have two videos, one with 30 frames per second and another one at 60 frames per second, i have audios in both the videos, the video with 30 frames per second in working fine there is no audio and video sync problem,

The issue is with second video i.e 60 frames per second, in this i am facing audio video sync problem, i have investigated enough but does not get the correct solution till now, please if any one can get me out of this issue.
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Re: 60 fps audio video sync problem.

What format is the video encoded with? ... Guidelines

That says that h.264 content is only supported at 23.976 fps or 29.97 fps BUT HEVC can be up to 60FPS.

Are you sure that there are no audio sync issues when you play back the files in something like VLC?

What specifically are your audio sync issues? does it slowly go out of sync? if you Play/Pause/Resume it does it sync back up? Is it an .mp4 file or HLS .ts files? Please give more specifics in your question and you will likely get a better answer.
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Re: 60 fps audio video sync problem.

Were both videos recorded on the same equipment, using the same codecs?

Is the synch issue in the raw camera files, or just after it has been edited for broadcast on Roku?

If B, what editing software are you using, and what format are your raw camera files?

if none of the above, is this a live stream you are archiving as VoD? If so, what software did you use to stream it with?
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