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Channel Surfer

roVideoPlayerEvent method isPlaybackPosition() is no longer working?

I have a live roku channel still using Legacy Framework from 2016 and it's player is using roVideoPlayerEvent's method isPlaybackPosition() to play HLS live stream like following:

while true
	msg = wait(0, port)
	if type(msg) = "roVideoScreenEvent" then
		if msg.isScreenClosed()
			print "Screen closed"
			exit while 
		else if (msg.isPlaybackPosition()) then
			nowpos = msg.GetIndex()
			RegWrite(episode.ContentId, nowpos.toStr())
			 print "Unexpected event type: "; msg.GetType()
		end if
		print "Unexpected message class: "; type(msg)
	end if
end while

It used to be working till I last checked on Friday (29th May) but on Monday (1st June) it stopped working. When I debugged msg.isPlaybackPosition() is returning false for HLS stream which it used to be playing for years. It falls in else case and prints Unexpected event type: 11

Since we can not update legacy app and will have to move to RSG which I am currently working on but it can take time, so is there any way this problem could be solved till new app is published? Thanks in advance.

Reference link for isPlaybackPosition(): 


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Roku Guru

Re: roVideoPlayerEvent method isPlaybackPosition() is no longer working?

I also had this problem for the last 3 days. But, now it is gone. I think It was in maintenance. Please check now. It's working fine.

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Channel Surfer

Re: roVideoPlayerEvent method isPlaybackPosition() is no longer working?

I'm still facing the issue. It's not fixed at my end. Is there any official statement on it by Roku?

I'm using Roku 3 with most recent Software Version (9.3.0) and Build (4170). 

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