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Roku Guru

roSystemLog documentation incomplete

There is example code here
which copied simply causes a crash;
Current Function:
119:                  ' Handle the roSystemLogEvents:'
120:                  i = msg.GetInfo()
121:                  If i.LogType = "http.error" or i.LogType = "http.connect"
122:                      If i.LogType = "http.error"
123:                          metrics.errorCount = metrics.errorCount + 1
124:                          print "http error: "; i.HttpCode; "URL: ";i.Url
125:                      End If
126:                      url = i.OrigUrl
127:*                     If (not httpIpAddrs.DoesExist(url)) Then
128:                          httpIpAddrs[url] = CeateObject("roAssociativeArray")
129:                      End If
130:                      httpIpAddrs[url].AddReplace(i.TargetIp,"")
131:                  Else If i.LogType = "bandwidth.minute"
'Dot' Operator attempted with invalid BrightScript Component or interface reference. (runtime error &hec) in pkg:/source/Main.brs(127)
127:                     If (not httpIpAddrs.DoesExist(url)) Then
#1  Function appeventloop(app As Dynamic) As Dynamic
   file/line: pkg:/source/Main.brs(127)
#0  Function main(args As Dynamic) As Dynamic
   file/line: pkg:/source/Main.brs(51)
Local Variables:

Obviously the 'httpIpAddrs' object needs to be initialized, but what is the point of this object, is it explained elsewhere?
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Roku Guru

Re: roSystemLog documentation incomplete

It looks like they're just trying to maintain a list of ip addresses for their own logging purposes, but as you noted they have not initialized the object. You don't need that part; you can do whatever you want with the log data. Obviously, their code wasn't tested (I don't think the compiler will like CeateObject either).
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