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roOneLineDialog use with roScreen

when i use roOneLineDialog with posterscreen it comes perfect on top ( top of the posterscreen dilogscreen appers with title). But when i am using it with roScreen only top roOneLineDialog title appears and roscreen which is its bottom disappearing.
i want to show some static image on roScreen and top of it's show one dialog with Title(loading..) when i hit a service for getting next image. but when roOneLineDialog box is coming roscreen is disappearing. and back side of roOneLineDialog title a black screen is appearing.
i also want to know :
is there any setting for customizing roOneLineDialog?
how to change it's font color and white screen coming backside of roOneLineDialog title. and remove blackscreen coming on top of roOneLineDialog.
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: roOneLineDialog use with roScreen

You can't mix roScreen with other screen components. You need to close your roScreen before opening the dialog or another option is to build your own dialog within the roScreen using the 2D APIs.

Once an roScreen is created, the display stack enters "Game Mode", and other screen components cannot be used. Other screen components cannot be intermixed with roScreens as the roScreen display stack is maintained independently from the main screen component display stack. When the final roScreen component is closed, other screen components can be used again
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