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roDeviceInfo.GetDisplayProperties() minor mismatch

"" wrote:

  • Internal Boolean Set to true if the display is part of the Roku Player (such as a Roku TV), false otherwise

  • Hdr10 Boolean Set to true if the attached display supports HDR 10, false otherwise

  • DolbyVision Boolean Set to true if the attached display supports Dolby Vision, false otherwise

Some of the fields returned by roDeviceInfo.GetDisplayProperties() are supposedly Boolean. Instead what i see is the roInt 0. Not sure if documentation or implementation is wrong (Boolean makes more sense)

PS. also, GetDrmInfo(DRM_info as Object) as Object does not take an argument - it should be GetDrmInfo( ) as object
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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: roDeviceInfo.GetDisplayProperties() minor mismatch

Thanks for the report. Smiley Very Happy

I've filed a bug about the GetDisplayProperties fields being returned as integer rather than Boolean.

Also I made a fix to the GetDrmInfo() documentation to remove the bogus argument in the prototype.
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