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Reel Rookie

Re: "SceneGraph: Build a Channel" video course

Hello Sir

I Vansh Student and interested in Development. I have Roku Ultra device and already enabled Developer Settings in that device. Now I want to check the Video Codecs supported by the device. 

I runs a function CanDecodeVideo() but I am getting blank screen no output was display. Similarly this happen when I run GetSupportedGraphicsResolutions() as Object, GetDisplaySize() as Object. But when I runs GetModelDisplayName() as String, GetModelType() as String working fine gives me some output. 

Sir please tell me that how should I run CanDecodeVideo() such that I can get some relevant output. 

My Code Was this:

sub init()

di = CreateObject("roDeviceInfo")


infoPane ="infoPane")
infoPane.infoText = i
End sub

Thanks and Regards


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Re: "SceneGraph: Build a Channel" video course (Deep Linking without Ads and Subscriptions?)

Hello! I downloaded the "scenegraph-master-sample" from git and was able to follow along with the video tutorials all the way through Deep Linking. Since Deep Linking was the last tutorial, the source code includes ads and subscription logic that I am not interested in implementing and I'm unsure of how to remove it without wrecking the entire package. Can you provide source code that I can modify that includes the Deep Linking logic, but does not include ads and subscriptions logic? I hope that makes sense.  Ultimately, I just want my viewers to be able to find my channel and watch my videos without having to worry about ads and subscriptions.  PLUS, it appears the Payment section ( ) of the website is down at the moment? I look forward to hearing back from you soon.  Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!  EXCELLENT TUTORIAL, by the way!!!  Many thanks!

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