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problems logging to develpment browser

Hi I am new to Roku development, i was able to enter development mode in roku box (3xhome,2xup,right,left,right,left) I entered develpments mode and anablenthe installer the rokubox booted and i wen to settings, networks and made sure roku is connected to the router wich it meas yes is connected i went to develpment mode again on the roku bow and on my web browser typein my roku ip address which was givewn to me in roku settings when y type that into my browser i dont get the rokus developers control panel it can not find it, i have done it before and been able to enter, i have a sever IIS win7 wich i disable just in case but can not get into webrowser develoment page please any help would be apriciated thanks
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Level 7

Re: problems logging to develpment browser

OK guys sorry for that i solve the problem, My Roku was logging to the wrong router that was open thanks.
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