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partial network availability

I have two Roku’s with the same Roku account attached to them. I have a channel I made on the Roku’s along with a couple news channels. They are in different locations on different networks. The first plays live and vod content from my channel along with the news channels.

The second Roku will load the channels and play preroll Roku ads when content is selected. However, when the time comes to play the live stream or vod content an error message appears saying that the content is unavailable. I am thinking that it is a network error. But there must be some connection to load the channel because the xml must be reached on the server. Also the ads are being requested from Roku’s Liverail account and are playing.

Why would the network restrict the stream from being played but allow the other network traffic through?
Is this an issue of port restriction?
How can I solve this issue?

Thank you very much for any help that you can offer. Smiley Happy
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