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Level 7

isstreamstarted and isunderrun


I have a question about the field isunderrun which is returned as part of the info within the isstreamstarted event.

I am assuming that the value of isunderrun will be true if there is any freezing of the video due to insufficient bandwidth during streaming. However, this doesn't seem to be the case.

So I am wondering as to what this field represents and under what conditions it is going to be true.

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Level 8

Re: isstreamstarted and isunderrun

The event will be fired when there is a rebuffer. A rebuffer is when the video stops and you see the "loading" screen.

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Level 7

Re: isstreamstarted and isunderrun

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the feedback and quick reply.

We would like to catch such rebuffering/freezing events. However, we are not seeing the event fire in such scenarios. We are using the roVideoScreen component in the video player example.

We have added the following code to the appVideoScreen.brs file within the while loop

elseif msg.isStreamStarted()
msgInfo = msg.GetInfo()
if (msgInfo.IsUnderrun = true)
print "Playback of " + episode.Title + "had an interruption"
end if

Any suggestions on what might be the issue ?

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