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isStreamSegmentInfo(), the StreamBandwidth reported is 0

In my testing with a 2.25mbps HLS stream, the GetInfo() property of the isStreamSegmentInfo() event contains an associative array. One the keys of the array is StreamBandwidth, which according to the docs is "Bandwidth of the stream being played in kbps". This value is always 0 for me. So I'm wondering why that is, and if that's expected?
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Re: isStreamSegmentInfo(), the StreamBandwidth reported is 0

I think this is taken from the metadata you set for the content item. Meaning if you set streambandwidth to 0 (which is needed for HLS to autoselect the stream) then it reports as 0, and if you set it to 1000 then it will only report 1000.
It's quite the useless statistic to query for as it just returns whatever you tell it.
MeasuredBitrate is more useful - which reports how much it actually thinks it needs to play smoothly.
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