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Level 7

is this forum Dead or just to me?

Not trying to be ungrateful for any help i have gotten but come on, i have posted prob 10 issues no one will even respond to!!

Is it just me?

I try to get info or read others posts but no one wants to give out any info, i understand its a learning issue , but sometime people just dont understand the docs or the terms at certain times. and something so simple to one is days of pounding your head to another, like me!

I learned PHP and Flash in days because of help forums, this forum is the hardest nut to crack to get any info other than learn on your own... read this, or go here... If you know the answer why not just help out and give it?

Nothing like waiting for hours or days and you finally get a response only to be told to read the Docs!! Smiley Sad

Well the docs maybe simple to some but not to me!! even getting a moderator to answer is a crap shoot at best...

isn't this about making the Roku better and outgrow everyone else's STB's and give us all more variety? so come on help out if you know, you'd be surprised how far actual showing some code would go!

remember there is never a stupid question if its actually valid !!
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