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Level 11

hls won't play on ultra & premier latest Fw?

In an application I'm working on someone reported that the video won't play at all.  They are using Roku premier.  I found the same problem on Roku Ultra, the error is 
Within the same app there is a test video format mp4 on a different CDN that is playing fine on all devices.
The same app all the video plays correctly without any problem on Roku 3 and Roku Express (7.7.0 4135) 
However none of this hls content is playing on the 2 models we tried w 7.7.0 4154 fw
please help?
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Level 11

Re: hls won't play on ultra & premier latest Fw?

OK I see the streamformat is being set to invalid in this case.  easy fix.
Though wonder why it works OK on the Roku 3 and Express?
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