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Level 8

Write To Temp File

Hi All

I want to write my jsonstring to tmp file.

jsonData = ParseJSON(text)
print jsonData


it gives error when on 3rd line.PARSEJSON Unknown Identifier Error.When I am writing the same response in local file and read it only.It is working fine.What to do.Please help me.I need help urgently.
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Level 9

Re: Write To Temp File

Sounds like the same error you're having here: viewtopic.php?t=91192
which still suggests that there's a problem with your JSON string. Any chance you have unicode characters in there that could possibly be throwing off the parser?
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Level 8

Re: Write To Temp File

But I acould not be able to debug api issue.Can you please tell me where is my tmp file..How can I see that file contents .
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Level 21

Re: Write To Temp File

You read your tmp file into text, so
print text

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Level 8

Re: Write To Temp File

Thnaks guys.I solved it by replacing starting characters from jsonstring.
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