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Level 7

Widevide customdata (Encoded key) header issue

HI there ,

I am implementing widevine in my roku player node , here i am passing the following things:

licenceServer url, keySystem: "widevine"and stream url in dash format and 64 bit encoded key (key need to pass in header).

here is my following code for implementation:



vidContent = CreateObject("RoSGNode", "ContentNode")
drmParams = {
keySystem: "widevine"
vidContent.streamformat = "dash"
vidContent.drmParams = drmParams

httpAgent = CreateObject("roHttpAgent")
httpAgent.AddHeader("X-Roku-Reserved-Dev-Id", "")
httpAgent.AddHeader("customdata", "PD94bWwgdmVyc2lvbj0iMS.......") (64 bit encoded key passing) = false = vidContent = "play"

but this code is not working for my player as i am gone through the roku doc.
can anyone clear me regarding it if i am in right direction or not , or it should be something else.
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Level 7

Re: Widevide customdata (Encoded key) header issue

Hi All ,

If anyone know ,please help me out, i am still stuck on this thing, i am not seeing any clear doc for this.

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