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Roku Guru

Why does lie about $ money?

Yet another bug of the web Channel Store - it insists that an already purchased channel has to be paid for again!

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Purchase a (upfront) paid channel from your player or web store

  2. Delete the app from the player. At this point we know that once paid for, the app is forever owned and can be re-downloaded for free - akin to iOS/etc app stores.

  3. Go to to re-download the app. Huh, it says i need to pay again:

  4. Maybe it was confused / did not check when loading the details page. Let's continue... it's serious, says $ will be charged to the account:

  5. Click "Buy" - channel gets installed. There is no charge. Check with WTF1 and WTF2 again - the web store has lied to us!

The player store does not exhibit that buggy behavior - the details page for the same (previously purchased) app says "Add (free)".
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Binge Watcher

Re: Why does lie about $ money?

I've filed a bug-ticket on this.

- Joel
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