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Where do I find the "linking code"?

I'm trying to get started with Roku SDK development and I'd like to link up my wife's Roku box.

This page ... fault.aspx says:

"Link Player - Type the link code you see on your TV below."

I checked the settings / device info and found a 12-character serial number, but that's apparently not what I'm looking for:

"The linking code you entered is not valid. Please check the code displayed on your TV and try again."

So *where* on the TV is this code displayed?

I must be overlooking something obvious, because a search of these forums uncovered nothing, as did reading the SDK FAQ and the Roku FAQ. Smiley Sad
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Re: Where do I find the "linking code"?

I believe you get the linking code when your first setup your Roku or when you attempt to go to the channel store for the first time.
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Re: Where do I find the "linking code"?

Thanks for the info; I'll see if we still have that code handy.

If not, is there some way to find out the linking code subsequently?
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Re: Where do I find the "linking code"?

Can you view the channel store? If so then you're already linked.

To get started with the SDK you need to enter the key sequence on the remote that is detailed in the docs. Push the keys at a regular rate, no long pauses between them, and you should see the developer mode page showing the IP of the device.

Use a web browser to connect to the IP and you should see the upload page.
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