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Re: Web Browser

"manoflinux" wrote:
regardless if you think my use for a web browser is silly doesn't change my need for it.
a very simple web browser would be very handy. I am sorry you cant see that.

So hook a computer up to your TV if you NEED a web browser on your TV - I have one, and find I still rarely use it, The Simpsons and Southpark are about all I watch on it. If Roku can manage to get a web browser that actually functions and doesn't mess anything else up -like its intended purpose of watching internet media- then fine. That would be great. But I didn't pay several hundred dollars for the Roku and knew what I bought before I bought it. It is a good cheap device to watch internet media. Other options out there are essentially slow netbooks when it comes to web browsing. You would be better served if you wanted to shell out the cash for a revue to get a Roku and a Netbook and hook them both to your TV. They sell decent wireless keyboards and remotes that work with PC's. Everything on the Roku is on the Internet somewhere.
Outside of that, look at what the Roku costs and what else you can get for the money you paid for the Roku. From what I have heard from others and from my own playing around is that the Roku plays media better than the others at half to a third of the cost (or less if you buy the lower end Roku). Yes the other devices have more options, I would hope so for the price they are charging. As far as I am concerned if my Rokus were to fry today and not work anymore, I would buy two more, because they have already paid for themselves several times over that I could buy 2 every six months and still save money over watching cable TV. I would get a little irritated by it if they were to do that to me every six months but my point is there are other options out there. Don't like what the Roku has then look at those other options.
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Re: Web Browser

That is just sad!

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