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Vimeo Premium HTTP/HLS 302 Redirect - Direct Publisher

Hello I'm working on my first Roku Channel and playing around with the Direct Publisher option first.
However no matter what options I try for my Feed Location it always returns 302 error.  Vimeo implemented redirects on their stream links which everything I've read so far Roku is "supposed to support".  But when I try and save the Feed Roku returns this error message:
"The server returned a non-200 status code - (302)."
My Videos exist on Vimeo Premium.
In Vimeo -> Videos -> Settings -> Distribution
I copy the HTTP Live Streaming link: 
This is the link I'm pasting into the Feed URL for Direct Publisher and selecting "HTTP LIVE Streaming (HLS)"  as the Video Format.
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Re: Vimeo Premium HTTP/HLS 302 Redirect - Direct Publisher

Could be a few things.  First, you'll need to be streaming during the submission process, streaming something. Otherwise Roku see's it as no video. Even stream a simple graphic. Generally speaking, Roku doesn't accept redirects, which is why Youtube cannot be used as a host (in addition to possible TOS). I don't know about their Livestream urls tho, which leads me to point three. Third, there is a separate section for Direct Publisher, seen here:  I would try searching there & posting there. Search those error codes and/or Vimeo Livestream and such. 

Have you tried finding the URL it redirects to, and using that instead?

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Re: Vimeo Premium HTTP/HLS 302 Redirect - Direct Publisher


I was streaming some test video when I was working on this but I'll try again to make sure 100% it's coming through.


Also thanks for the link to the other community I'll check there.


I thought about just using the redirect URL's but those should only be valid for a couple hours then they change to prevent theft which is why Vimeo switched to redirect links.

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