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Publish Roku Channel *Without* a Roku TV?

Hello Everyone!

My siblings have a Roku TV, (I'm the oldest and 19, the youngest is 9) and I just published my HTML5 Game to the Amazon App Store (for Fire TVs and Fire Tablets), and thought it would be nice to put it on the Roku Channel Store too for them! I got far enough, then realized you apparently need a Roku Device signed into your account in order to develop a Channel. I was wondering if there is any way to deploy my app without that, because I don't have a Roku, and all of their subscriptions are on that, and have been since I was living in that house at 9, so I wouldn't want to randomly show up at their house and sign them out of everything to sign me in just to develop a channel. I just today created my Roku account, verified my email and everything, and most likely will delete my account because it would be pointless if I do need a device to develop, but I'm just wondering if I can avoid all of that drama and develop my channel without a Roku device.

Thank you all for reading this!

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Re: Publish Roku Channel *Without* a Roku TV?

You must have a Roku device to package your app, but you don't have their Roku TV linked to your Roku account.  However, you should know that developing for Roku devices is very, very different than developing for Amazon/Android.  Your game won't run on a Roku device without a lot of work.  HTML isn't supported in any fashion.

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