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Viewing secure calls from a Roku device

Hello Everyone.

I need some help.  I am attempting to validate the data that I am collecting for my analytics tool, Adobe Analytics, on my app in Roku.

Normally, we proxy our device through a network that routes all of the traffic to a computer and use Charles Web Debugging Proxy to view all the traffic.  This works like a charm for non secure calls, however, I can't view any secure calls because I am unable to add a security certificate to the Roku device.

Has anyone been able to view the secure network calls that are sent out through a Roku device?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Level 11

Re: Viewing secure calls from a Roku device

What do you mean can't add own security certificate to Roku device?

But other than doing that, i don't think you can. It will defeat the purpose of secure sockets if everyone can whip an easy MitM attack
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Re: Viewing secure calls from a Roku device

I've had some success using Adobe Analytics' Bloodhound tool ( ... -qa-tool-1) to debug our Adobe Analytics integration on Roku. You might want to check that out.
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