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Videos Not Playing Back at 44.1khz Audio

We have a channel on Roku that has been playing mp4 files great since February. However, last week (?) we noticed that the audio is a higher pitch and the videos skip and stutter. Most of our video files are no longer working, even though we haven't changed our files or settings.

However, a handful of our files still work (files encoded from a different source). We compared them, and the only difference is that the ones that DO NOT play correctly were encoded at an audio sample rate of 44.1khz. The files that DO play correctly were encoded at an audio rate of 48khz.

We have tested our channel on two separate Roku 2 devices with ethernet connections and get the same playback errors on files encoded at 44.1khz.

Any idea what could be causing the files at 44.1 to no longer play properly?

To test this, we re-encoded a file that wouldn't play at 44.1khz at a new sample rate of 48khz and it now plays properly. Does this mean we need to re-encode everything at 48khz? Or is there some other setting in our xml that we could change?

Any help is much appreciated. 🙂
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