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Video screen orientation

I have received a lot of videos taken with an iPhone in portrait orientation and most players will rotate the movie to the correct mode. When played back on the Roku, they end up in landscape. Is there something I can change in the code or do I have to continue to re-transcode them ?

Re: Video screen orientation

The Roku box does not enable screen orientation control to scripts at this time.


Re: Video screen orientation

and 8 years later...
I have a new Sharp TV 7202X with recently updated Software version 8.0.0, build 4183. The problem continues. 
Portrait Photos on the USB stick are displayed sideways in landscape mode. It would be great if Roku media player could "enable screen orientation control" so that portrait photos would be displayed right side up. 
Vacation photographers (my family) are slowly beginning to understand the importance of taking photos (especially videos) in landscape orientation but everyone seems to prefer portrait these days because they will most likely view it on a smart phone in full screen portrait mode on the phone. 
The photos are displayed right side up on all the platforms I tested. 
Screen orientation control please. 
Thank You!
Reel Rookie

Re: Video screen orientation

How about at this time?

Re: Video screen orientation

So apparently ROKU doesn’t really care. So I think I will switch platforms. So sad because overall I find that this is an easier platform to use. You should listen to us and enable screen rotation. It’s not like you aren’t making money!!


Re: Video screen orientation

How about now...... 12 years later? 


Wow, I'll be sure to post my reviews. 

Re: Video screen orientation

Aaaaand 13 years later

I tried read WEBTOONs on my iPad, screenshared. Comics are just better vertically, and the app is vertical only. I hate how the ROKU tv displays the verticalness on a horizontal orientation.

At this point I should just give others a heads up on that there is indeed screenshare, but no vertical orientation. 

Read on google, basically not even planning to add orientation, that their focus is on streaming media. How about displaying streamed media??? That should be part of the focus.


Re: Video screen orientation

This defective feature is very disapointing Time to move away from Roku.


Re: Video screen orientation

So stupid they still haven’t made portrait orientation mode still. Don’t they care about their customers satisfaction. I’m furious and will not be buying any more Roku products


Re: Video screen orientation

So many Roku users have for so many years been asking about Roku not automatically rotating portrait videos to landscape!! 

When are these bozod just going to fix this?

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