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Video loop without buffering

Hi there!

I'm trying to do a seamless loop playing video, but I have some real problems to archive that.

The 'native'  way (loop="true") and the non native way (when video finishes, start again) causes the buffer shows up.

If I try to 'prebuffer' a second video node, when the first video is about to end, it throws a error: 
[Video2] ERROR invalid - failed to create media player

So, it's really frustrating this situation, I had to do the same job with an app for Appel TV and I did it in 2 days, I have been working on roku for a month now, and I didn't had any results.
If a solution is available to fix the buffer on loop, no matter how complex it is, I will be glad to implement it.
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Binge Watcher

Re: Video loop without buffering

If you loop the video with VLC on your server and feed it into Wowza as a HLS stream, then you will have a constant looping video without buffering once it starts playing.
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Re: Video loop without buffering

Thanks for the quick reply!

That seems a valid solution.

But I'm wondering if there is something more native, without changing anything on the server (actually, I don't have access to the media server).

I know that the Roku device can do what i'm trying to do without a server dependence, actually, if I reboot my device, I can see a 3D bouncing ROKU logo, and i'm pretty sure that is not a rendered animation (it will be a waste). If anybody knows how the start/reboot animation is done, it will be awesome!
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Roku Guru

Re: Video loop without buffering

I know it is a little late but many times when I have used a background video loop I either convert/save it with quicktime which has a native loop feature and/or post the video to youtube which also has a loop video feature. Both work well and it saves server side resources.

Thats assuming you are only talking about a few videos and not 1000's 😛
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