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Video + List


I’m trying to create a channel from scratch that launches a video link and allows users to display a list of the other available channels while the video is still playing (a text list at the left of the screen).
If the user clicks on a link, the new video launches and the list disappears until he presses the OK button to make the list appear without stopping the video

I created the following folders + a manifest file:
- Components
- Images
- channels
- source

in the channels folder I created the following xml file :

<?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8" standalone = "yes" ?>

<VideoContent >
title = "AAA"
streamformat = "hls"
url = "link.hls" />
title = "BBB"
streamformat = "hls"
url = "link.hls" />
title = "CCC"
streamformat = "hls"
url = "link.hls" />

in the Components folder I created the following xml file :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

<component name = "my videos" extends = "Group" >

<script type = "text/brightscript" >


sub init()
end sub

sub setVideo()
videoContent = createObject("RoSGNode", "ContentNode")

videoContent.title = "video"
videoContent.streamformat = "hls"
videoContent.url = "link.m3u8" ="video") = videoContent = "play"
end sub

function onKeyEvent(key as String, press as Boolean) as Boolean
if press then
if key = "ok"
return true
end if
end if

return false
end function




id = "video"
width = "1280"
height = "720" />
<LabelList id = "MyList" >

<ContentNode role = "content" >

<ContentNode title = "Link 1" />

<ContentNode title = "Link 2" />

<ContentNode title = "Link 3" />





When I launch the channel the video plays and I can see the list (I can't scroll down though).
How do I link the videos in the channel's folder to the list in my components XML file ?

Do you see something else missing in my code ?

Thank you for your help
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Level 7

Re: Video + List

Any idea ? or a template that already does that ?
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Level 7

Re: Video + List

Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction? I'm still completely stuck on this.
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Level 7

Re: Video + List

Hi Jamilou,

It seems like this question was resolved by your more recent post here: viewtopic.php?f=34&t=95899

For anyone looking at this post, there is an example in the SDK1 docs that implements a custom playback list while video is playing located here: ... p/download
This example is a bit outdated as it does not use SceneGraph/SDK2 concepts.

Additional templates/code examples (as well as information about the Roku developer program) are located here if anyone is curious: ... er+Program

For anyone who wants a template using SDK2 (SceneGraph + BrightScript), I made an SDK2 template located here that uses the base SceneGraph components provided in SDK2:

Note: A labellist also has the scrolling capability that you are requesting for in your more recent post Smiley Happy

If anyone has any additional questions, please let me know; hope that helps!
- Leo
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Level 11

Re: Video + List

"RokuLeoW" wrote:
This example is a bit outdated as it does not use SceneGraph/SDK2 concepts.

Ahem. Let's put the record straight: a code is not "outdated" if it can do the job. Just like Roku is not outdated for using BrightScript or low-spec hardware.

SDK1 ("ro" components) was designed to be simple to use, SDK2 ("sg" components) is not. As such, the latter should not be prescribed to beginners.
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