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Video Distortion request

I have some 720x480 encoded videos that play fine on roku, however, using setdestinationrect doesn't work quite as expected.
The videos look fine on a 4:3 CRT TV and fill the screen without any border showing.

When set to fullscreen on a 720 or 1080 display mode it shows a thick black frame around the video.
SetDestinationRect has a format X, Y, W, H - which is fine - however, 0,0,1280,720 doesn't stretch the video at all - it plays the 720 video in the center of the screen.
-135,-132,1440,1136 as specified in the documentation makes the image stretch outside the screen area, so that isn't good.

Shouldn't this work with a top-left index placement of the video playback? ie if I set it to 0,0,1280,720 it would put the source top left pixel at destination pixel 0,0 (top left) and stretch the video the the desired width and height, filling the screen for 1280x720?
I spent a lot of time working out offsets and the best I can manage are numbers to provide the full vertical height of the image in the viewable area of the screen with black lines to the left and right, OR the full image stretched from the left to right filling up the full horizontal width, with black lines on the top and bottom of the screen.

Really, a little bit of distortion, making the actors' heads fatter/wider than they should be, or other anomolies doesn't bother me - I just want to get rid of the visible border without the image frame getting cropped or displayed out of sight.
Stretch-to-fill works great for the roSlideshow component.

Would it be possible to have a stretch-to-fill or stretch-to-fit to make the source video distort the proportions to fit whatever screen it is played on?
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Re: Video Distortion request

The negative offsets in the docs work for 16:9 video that is letterboxed to display on a 4:3 SD display. It allows the 16:9 video to scale up to full screen on a 16:9 display. The negative values remove the letter boxing.

We do no currently have a stretch-to-fill or stretch-to-fit scaling mode. The roVideoPlayer scaling cannot change aspect ratios.

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