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User Agent Support for Play-On-Roku

Hi Roku Team,

I am trying to play a HLS URL on Roku Stick+. It requires User agent to be set. Is there a way to pass the user agent(http headers) to Play-On-Roku (15985)?

I tried the Stream/RAF Tester Tool online and it works with User Agent. But it does not support deep linking. So each link I am playing would have to launch the app again.
Could this be open sourced, so that, it will be easier to customize the channel on top of Stream/RAF Tester source?

Thank you
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Level 7

Re: User Agent Support for Play-On-Roku

Hi, I'm trying to run a live video source that requires user-agent and referer, I've tried everything without success, someone knows how and where to add the header for this to work, thank you very much for the cooperation you can give me.

Sample SDK:

m3u file format to play from the SDK

#EXTVLCOPT: http-user-agent =
#EXTVLCOPT: http-referer =
http: // live-m3u8
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Level 7

Re: User Agent Support for Play-On-Roku

I join the request for support on the subject of adding the header of the user-agent and the referer, I already tried with the sdk that Luis posted, but I can not get it to work, thanks in advance!
I'm also trying to work in this other SDK, and I also can not get it to work:
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Level 11

Re: User Agent Support for Play-On-Roku

Are your referring to direct links to the video file, a localized file, an m3u8 or for app development? Makes a big difference as to what options you have....
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