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Updating content of a RowList resetting position?

I'm not sure if this is from my code or just what happens.. so I figured I'd ask.

I have a RowList with 5 rows of content in it. As I scroll down, I'm loading more rows. My code appends the new nodes to the ContentNode, then sets the content on the RowList. When I do this.. it resets my position back to 0,0. 

Is that reset because of something dumb I did or is that expected behavior?

If that's expected behavior, how can I circumvent that? 
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Re: Updating content of a RowList resetting position?

Turns out that my program was setting the `content` attribute on subsequent loads and the RowList hates that (for obvious reasons). Disabling that made it work as expected. Keeping this thread here for searchers in the future.
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