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Updated documention?

I am writing an app where I needed to use modulo.
I looked at the documentation and found nothing (I expected to find it here:
I decided to just try it in the debugger and surprisingly it worked (
print 22 mod 20
resulted in 2!).
I went back to the forums and searched for "modulo". All I could find is a single forum thread -

Seems reasonable to me to expect that a feature that dates back more than 2 years would have been documented by now.

This brings me to the question - is there more updated documentation somewhere? Am I missing anything here?

This is not meant to be a rant, I would really like to hear an official Roku response.

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Level 8

Re: Updated documention?

In bright script it is an operator
a MOD b
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Level 8

Re: Updated documention?

It's documented in section 3.7.6 of the Brightscript Language Reference.

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Re: Updated documention? ... eOperators
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Re: Updated documention?

Thanks, I stand corrected, it is documented Smiley Happy
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