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Troubleshoot http issues with Video roSGNode?

I am migrating from roVideoPlayerto scene graph. With roVideoPlayer I could easily figure out http issues by monitoring roSystemLog's "http.error" and "http.connect" events (see

roSystemLog does not seem to work with the video roSGNode: I am only getting "bandwidth.minute" events from roSystemLog, no http-related events whatsoever.

Does anyone have any tips for getting some insight into the http activity of a video roSGNode?
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Re: Troubleshoot http issues with Video roSGNode?

bump! it's been 18 months since I first posted - I recently scanned the forum for relevant updates, but...nothing 😞
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Roku Guru

Re: Troubleshoot http issues with Video roSGNode?

Assuming you create an observer for the video player like so.."state","controlvideoplay")

Then you can have a function like so

sub controlvideoplay()
  if ( = "error")
    print errorCode
    print errorMsg
    print errorStr
  end if
end sub
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