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Level 7

Telnet re-connection

Hey folks,

would ask you if there is a solution when I lost connection over telnet to Roku?

When I keep telnet connection opened and put computer into sleep, sometimes it happens automatically by inactivity, or I disconnect from network for a while (wifi switching or so), I will be disconnected and can't connect back till Roku device will be restarted, or is there any better solution for this case?
Platforms integration specialist
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Level 10

Re: Telnet re-connection

I have to deal with that from time to time as well, and I haven't found any better solution. I try to avoid it, by always closing my connection when not using it.
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Level 11

Re: Telnet re-connection

Are you on a Mac or PC?
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Level 9

Re: Telnet re-connection

First, type CTRL + ]

Then type: close
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