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Reel Rookie

Text overlays on splashscreen


New to BRS/Roku, so any help would be appreciated.

I am trying to understand whether it is possible to display a text overlay on the splashscreen. Ideally, I would like to programmatically set the version number and date of the app during the build process, and render it in a corner of the splash screen when the app loads.

Is there some simple way to do this that I am missing? If not, what is the non-simple approach?


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Roku Guru

Re: Text overlays on splashscreen

You could try showing the spashscreen and as soon possible in your code, before detailed initialization, show your scene with the first "page" being the same image with all the overlayed labels and such you might want.  People have used this to simulate a splash video (splashscreen is the first frame of the video), so this might work.  Havent done it myself so no promises there wont be a flicker during the changeover.

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Roku Guru

Re: Text overlays on splashscreen

Yes the whole point of the splash screen it that it's non-programmatic so just gets displayed while the app is rendering/loading ... therefore putting the version into that file would not be a feasible option ... as suggested, there is no reason why you can't render the same image with the version text overlaid, for a short while before you show your home screen. 


In our dev environments we permanently show our build/version/branch bottom left on the home screen, and in our published app we show the version as part of our help pages.

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