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Can't set text as RowList content

Why is RowList so hard to manipulate? And even the samples are vague. I want to set some text in rowlist, i.e., my rowlist should display a heading inside of it, rather than images, which can be horizontally scrollable. But I can't get that to happen. The docs aren't very helpful either. 
Here's the RowList in XML:


    <field id="content" type="node" alias="RowList.content" />
    <field id="rowItemSelected" type="intarray" alwaysnotify="true" alias="RowList.rowItemSelected" />
    <field id="jumpToRowItem" type="intarray" alias="RowList.jumpToRowItem" />

      itemSize="[ 170, 140 ]"
      drawFocusFeedback="[true]" />



The item component in a separate file:


<field id="itemContent" type="node" onChange="OnContentSet" />        

            id = "title" 
            maxWidth = "300" 
            height = "0" 
            font = "font:MediumBoldSystemFont" 
            horizAlign = "left" 
            vertAlign = "top" 



And here's my brs code where I am trying to set the title of the rowList:


m.recentSearches ="rowList")


function getQueries()
    queries = RegRead("queries")
    print "Raw unparsed queries: " queries
    if queries <> invalid
        queriesJson = ParseJson(queries)
        print "Parsed queries: " queriesJson
        if queriesJson <> invalid
            for each regQuery in queriesJson
                m.recentSearches.title = regQuery.query
            end for
        end if
    end if
end function


What am I missing here? 

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Roku Guru

Re: Can't set text as RowList content

A markup list is a more generic form of a very specific 'rowList' ... perhaps that can help give you some ideas ... the idea is that you can put anything in a markup list


There are several types of lists and grids, each with a slightly different take on how to display content - do any of these help?


Screenshot 2023-06-02 092307.png


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Re: Can't set text as RowList content

yeah this helps, but this is scrolling vertically, how can I make it scroll horizontally?

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