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Telugu, Tamil and Korean Subtitles shows squares

Hi Everyone! I have an issue. 

I am trying to show Tamil, Telugu, or Korean subtitles but I am getting squares like these. 
Imagen de iOS.jpg

I am trying to find a way to add a font that supports these type of subtitles. I was comparing with other apps like Disney+ and they can shows Korean Subtitles. 

Before set the Korean Subtitles in Disney+ we don't have the Korean option in captions preferred language. 

Imagen de iOS (1).jpg

But after select Korean Subtitles in Disney+ App the option is available in captions preferred language. 

Imagen de iOS (2).jpg

Some old forums said that is not possible add Korean Subtitles but checking on disney+ is possible. Anyone has any idea about this behavior? Is there a way add more subtitles fonts to Roku? 



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