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Submission of in-channel products frustration

I'm attempting to update/add a bunch of in-channel products, and time I click on the 'Submit for review' button, it takes me back to the page.
In the Chrome console; 
I'm getting a bunch of net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET messages (actual r value cleared just in case) on
when I attempt clicking on the Manage My In-Channel Products link on the developer page, it typically fails if I try right after the page redirect, but succeeds several seconds later.
So far done 19 products, and every one has has the same issue, (it's taken about 30 min to do those 19 products so far)

Can someone @ Roku look into this as it's incredibly frustrating.  I'm willing to provide as much or as little information as needed to get this working.

I was also getting a bunch of failures when attempting to add products, but that was more sporadic; this submit for review issue happens every time.

Scott V
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Re: Submission of in-channel products frustration

We got past this problem by opening each product in a separate tab in the browser, and then submitting each change individually with each tab'd item.  It still took a couple hours for 50 items but it got done.
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Re: Submission of in-channel products frustration

I'm currently working around this issue by clicking as many 'Submit for review' links as possible before the page crashes/redirects.  Then wait until I can get into the product list again, and then repeat the process.
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