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Skinning video player while retaining trickplay

Can you please add some options for the video player EnableUI or add another solution for this please?

We want to skin the player controls, look and feel, add/remove child components a bit easier without losing the functionality of trickplay. What I'm thinking is - you have the BIF display (for thumbnail scrubbing display), the buffering/rebuffering animation, and the progress bar controls. Most skinning would be done in steps - some users might just want to reskin the progress bar itself, some might just want to change the look of the buffering animation, and others would want to just do their own trickplay.  Currently it's an all or nothing process, if you are doing more than just changing colors or sizing and basic options it is a big project to have to do ALL of the tasks in one go to have a finalized product.  So, if individual items could be toggled for default or customization that would make it easier to skin.

Could we have an .enableUI field added to those three child items of the video player please?

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Roku Guru

Re: Skinning video player while retaining trickplay

Indeed. How many times I have wanted to alter minor things about that UI.


Such as it displays Hours:Minutes without Seconds if the runtime is over 60 minutes. It would be nice if it always had the same 3 fields shown: Hour, Minute, Seconds on the scrub/transport bar during trickplay. Just a minor thing but something users of our app have complained about.


It would be nice if we had other attributes that were able to change icons/blendcolors/etc having more freedom that would allow more to do with the stock components. Being locked into that 4MB pkg requirement forces sometimes using those simple components rather than roll-your-own simply because space is an issue. Having more fields/parameters to interact with those stock components would help ease that pain.

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