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Why does headphones plugged in/out not trigger getInfo().audioCodecCapabilityChanged?

Basically 9.1 introduced the ability to detect audio or video codec capabilities changes when EnableCodecCapChangedEvent(true) is set to true.


Setting this in the main while(true) loop and looking for the event:

if msgType = "roDeviceInfoEvent" and msg.isStatusMessage()
scene.audioChanged = msg.getInfo().audioCodecCapabilityChanged


Now this forwards to the scene where it can forward on but that part isn't relevant. It is not even getting this far when running the code. It seems when you unplug or plug in headphones it does not trigger the CodecCapChangedEvent and this in turn makes it so you cannot immediately detect when headphones are plugged in so you can check audioDecodeInfo() again for correct capabilities.


It seems if you QUERY/DEVICE-INFO you can see if the headphones are used or not.





But you have to POLL to know this? 


Is there no way to immediately tell when someone plugs the headphones into their remote? The reason I ask is DOLBY cannot decode this way. The AudioDecodeInfo() changes when you plug in headphones to show no support for DTS or DOLBY. 


This change in AudioDecodeInfo() should cause the audioCodecCapabilityChanged to throw true which in turn should throw the accompanying roDeviceInfoEvent along with isStatusMessage=true.


Why isn't it doing this? I am using firmware 9.1 and this does NOT work.


Can someone explain how this works or how you detect the moment someone has plugged in or removed the headphones from the remote?


Thanks. 🙂



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