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Size Markupgrid Cell Width-Merged Cells

Is it possible to adjust the cell width of a markupgrid based on the length of string it may contain?  I know columns are but not looking to resize complete column, just individual cells.

I think I found the answer concerning adjusting individual cell widths here  From what I am able to understand, setting the fixedlayout = true allows cells to be merged. I understand this but do not understand how this can be done "on the fly". For example, I have a grid 4x4 (4 columns, 4 rows), the grid content is populated from a content node created from an array and is all strings no images.  For simplicity say row 2 column 2 content is larger than the cell width(itemSize="[200,20]") so I wish to merge row 2 column 2 and column 3 to create one cell [400,20]. I know if I could set this up hard coded but it needs to be done dynamic since I don't know which cell will need to expand before loading the content.  Is there an example of merging cells "on the fly" available?
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