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Level 7

Problem with XML file

for example
     m.readContentTask = createObject("roSGNode", "ContentReader")
      m.readContentTask.observeField("content", "setpanels")
      m.readContentTask.contenturi = ""
      m.readContentTask.control = "RUN"

i dont want to give the url in contenturi variable..i want to give a xml file name instead,tried giving this -   [size=120]m.readContentTask.contenturi = "pkg:/sample.xml" [/size]but its not working out.
is there any way to achieve this?i dont find any example for json response.can anyone tel me how to deal with json response in Roku Scene graph components
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Level 11

Re: Problem with XML file

For once, that's not RSG problem. You are using somebody else's custom code (example?) where a custom task is spun off to read the content. I bet it blindly creates a roUrlTransfer object and that only works with http URIs, not local ones. It would be easy to fix.
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