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Set image in Manfest file Dynamic


I want to set images in manifest file form json that s commig from my server
Then Plz tell me the way how could I geet the value in manifest file
and how could Isue it in it
My is like this
"video": [{
"tags": [],
"Description": "",
"subscriberRating": 0,
"likeStatus": false,
"url": "",
"srtFileUrl": [],
"title": "Test-vid-wmv-12:44pm-21aug",
"thumbnail": {
"thumbnailDetailSD": "",
"thumbnailDetailHd": "",
"thumbnailHD": "",
"thumbnailSD": ""
"videoId": "33224_20117",
"Duration": 41,
"likes": 0,
"dislikeStatus": false,
"dislikes": 0,
"rating": 0,
"group": "Video-Group"
I want to use that thumbnail array images in my manifest
how could I use this
Plz send me code also

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Level 10

Re: Set image in Manfest file Dynamic

I don't think you can do this. The manifest determines which graphic is used for the roku Home screens (where you select what channel application to run) - to change those you might need to repackage and resubmit the channel to the roku channel store with the new graphics. Is there a different manifest you are asking about besides the main one in the channel root/tree?
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