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Re: [SOLVED] Cannot share functions between brs files in source folder

Hmm, I didn't understand the solution,
In /source I have A.brs, B.brs, and main.brs. For A.brs to call function from B.brs, I have to create A.xml and import B.brs?
I don't think A.xml will get initialized unless you call CreateObject("A") right??

If main.brs can already statically call methodFromA() so I don't really know why you would need to call CreateObject("A").
Sorry, kinda new to this.
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Re: [SOLVED] Cannot share functions between brs files in source folder

I think the author of the question ended up copying one brightscript into the other, instead of actually importing.


I have a very large .brs file and would like to split in multiple scripts.


Is there a way to have 1 .brs file that imports others into it? And so finally import a single .brs file while keeping things organized?

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