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SDK conversion and Vimeo showcase problems issues

Direct publisher to SDK Problems for Vimeo users!

Droves of Channel owners are running to beat the clock and get their channels converted to SDK

They are all not understanding or familar that Vimeo has ended support for OTT w Roku!

They don't understand that the Feed File used for the vimeo showcases no longer work for most SDK Channels because of categories, Tags, and video links!

Whether you are using Amazon S3 or another hosting provider it doesnt matter where your feed is hosted, It matrters where your videos are hosted and where your feed is hosted!

Amazon S3 and Vimeo video links

Amazon S3 is an amazing hosting solution for many, Many host their video on Amazon S3.

But many host their json feed files there and not their videos and use vimeo links in their json feeds and now the links are not working!

For example if you are using Vimeo and sharing a Vimeo showcase as your json feed and trying to convert to SDK or trying to simply share video links directly from vimeo then you should know:

Vimeo ended support for OTT

You need to move your videos to Amazon S3 or another Video Host!

We can help!

If you are in the market for a new video host and OTT Provider contact us at

If you been through this and have a solution go ahead and post a reply!

To your success

Jioe Ferdinando

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Roku Guru

Re: SDK conversion and Vimeo showcase problems issues


As I already pointed out in another thread ( ), your statements here are incorrect.

Vimeo Showcases do work with Roku channels that are specifically programmed to communicate with the Vimeo API. For example there are quite a few developers successfully using Vimeo on channels built with Instant TV Channel.

Vimeo DID NOT end support for OTT apps like Roku channels. They only ended support for their own Vimeo-branded app on various platforms. Vimeo is very much alive & well on custom SDK Roku channels.

You do not need to move your content off of Vimeo in order to convert from Direct Publisher to SDK. And moving videos to S3 so that you can stream directly from Amazon S3 or Cloudfront is usually the wrong thing to do, as AWS bandwidth is quite expensive compared to other solutions.

For more information about converting from Direct Publisher to SDK: / - 717-441-4386 - Build a Roku SDK channel in 15 minutes! Easily and inexpensively generate subtitles!
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