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RowList scrolling issue - next off-screen poster image

I have a simple app with a text menu (category) on the left and for each of the items in the vertical menu, there is a single row of posters on the right.  The row shows 4 visible posters and there is a 5th poster (could be more) outside visible screen area on the right (using floatingFocus). 

This is the weird problem:

When the 4th and 5th poster have the same image, everything works fine (highlight moves to the 5th poster, row slides to the left and the 5th poster is visible and the 1st left-most poster scrolls left and becomes invisible). BUT if the 4th and 5th poster images are different, the highlight moves to the right (only partially visible as 5th image is off screen) but the row doesn't scroll left.

Tried different file sizes, made all images same, camera or source of image same, tried mixing order of images. The 4th and 5th images have to be same. There is nothing in our code that treats anything different based on the poster image and do not do any modifications to the flow. I am not doing anything fancy on the rowlist (basic action of playing video on selection). The same problem continues if you scroll right again and you have a 6th poster (for things to work properly, the 5th poster, currently the rightmost, and visible has to have the same image as the 6th poster not yet visible) 

Any pointers are greatly appreciated. Is this a know problem? Is this a version issue? The whole project is blocked because of this... so any guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Re: RowList scrolling issue - next off-screen poster image

Made sure even the EXIF information is exactly same, other than the dates and file size (files sizes are almost same like 93k vs 95k but the image sizes are exactly 640x427). Even then the same issues.

I have a strong feeling this is a Brighscript bug. Can any Roku folks help, please!
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